Who is YINYANG Cat

YINYANG Cat personifies one who lives life fully. As a reflection of our self, YINYANG Cat illustrates the experiences we all share: adventure, challenge, humor, and love. "Living Life" passionately and in the moment makes life worth living.


YINYANG Cat was originally inspired from the many years I have spent with Cats. In particular, two cats that were members of my family, Musette and Chelsea have inspired the look of YINYANG Cat. Their Zen-like qualities and faces reminded me of the YINYANG symbol which symbolizes balance. Before YINYANG Cat became its own character, I featured it as a pet to another character I created named Kumi. Kumi is a Japanese-American female who personifies an idealized intelligent, strong, and independent heroine.

Musette as a Kitten



Kumi and her cat, YINYANG